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New Freight Restrictions
Nov 10, 2010 Wednesday
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November 5, 2010 Update
In compliance with regulatory directives, following restrictions on cargo shipments are in effect:
·          Yemen: All shipments inbound or outbound. This restriction went into effect October 30 and will remain until further notice.
·          Greece; The suspension of outbound transportation of all mail and cargo from Greece has been lifted.
·          United Kingdom: In compliance with regulatory directives, UnitedEx Express will not accept toner cartridges larger than 500 grams into, via or from the U.K. unless they comply from a known shipper with security arrangements approved by the Department of Transport. At this time we do not know when this restriction will be lifted.
We want to assure you that UnitedEx safety is a core value at UnitedEx and we are committed to providing a secure work environment for our people, our customers’ shipments and our Company’s assets. The company complies with all country-specific aviation and anti-terrorists regulations around the world. We are prohibited from providing specifics of our security procedures but can tell you that they are supported by a worldwide team of security professionals and experts who are in constant contact with law enforcement organization. UnitedEx continually evaluates and implements procedures that enhance its security systems and takes any security threat seriously. We will act quickly, aggressively and responsibly with law enforcement agencies.

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